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Caring for pets is a big responsibility. Having the right coverage matters.

Pet trainer insurance to protect the pets and your business.

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As a pet trainer, you choose to care for animals and serve the needs of those devoted to their special companions. That’s a big responsibility. And one entirely unserved by standard policies. Your unique business needs the right coverage in place to safeguard it.

Covers what business insurance cannot.

Standard commercial liability covers accidents and fire and human injuries, but even though you’re in the pet business, that type of coverage ignores liability related to the death or injury of the pets themselves. Ours does the complete job. helps you design pet trainer insurance to cover your unique business needs, not just what other, general businesses need.

Insurance solutions designed for pet trainers.

You choose to care for animals and train pets as part of your business. That’s a big responsibility, one entirely unserved by standard policies. Regular insurance companies don’t understand your world or fully take care of your needs. What most businesses don’t have, however, is the responsibility for pets. We solely serve those who care for and train pets, with special, custom-designed pet business insurance featuring the all-important animal bailee coverage that pays for the direct loss of animals that a client leaves in your care. It even covers perils for which you are not legally liable.

Saving you time and money. can save you both time and money by combining standard business policies. This includes coverage such as commercial and general liability insurance. What makes us special are the coverages that protect you and your employees from claims brought against your business for the rendering or failure to render your professional services in the course of your operation.

Don’t settle for generic, catch-all insurance and get a pet sitter insurance quote for the coverage that’s made for your pet trainer business. Or, contact us to discuss your coverage options.

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