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Groomer Package Liability

Make Sure Your Business Doesn't Go from Groom to Doom.

In many ways, a Groomer's business is like many other small, independent businesses. But there's one huge difference that can mean everything for the survival of your business should something go wrong. No news here - but IT'S THE PETS!

However, common sense as it may seem, the pets are the one factor completely left out of the equation with standard business coverages. Talk about an 800-lb. gorilla (or an 8-lb. Bichon Frise, for that matter).

A death in the family can mean the demise of your business.

Regular commercial insurance is almost nothing like our Groomer Professional Liability Coverage. Because a standard policy leaves out the defining element of your business - the pets themselves - you can be particularly vulnerable. An injury or even the death of someone's prized pet while in your care is certainly a hard thing to think about; however, it does happen. When it does, when that death of someone's pet family member hits, it hits hard.

A skittish Maltese is spooked by a pushy Dachshund (named the number one most aggressive breed in a 2008 journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science study) and the unthinkable happens. Improperly restrained, the Maltese attempts flight and breaks loose long enough to fall from the grooming table, breaking his back on the floor. This is both a tragedy and a liability.

Are you covered? Are you SURE?

In today's litigious society, personal tragedy can turn into a legal nightmare very quickly. Pets are cuddly, but lawyers are definitely not. And odds are as close to 100% as can be that you would be ON YOUR OWN! Standard commercial liability covers accidents and fire and human injuries, but even though you're in the pet business, that type of coverage ignores liability related to the death or injury of the pets themselves. Ours does the complete job. PetBizInsurance.com has designed Groomer Professional Liability Coverage to cover what you need - not just what other, general businesses need.

  • You still need Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage to protect you against injury or damage claims made by other parties. This includes Premises and Operation; Fire Damage Liability (damage to premises rented to insured); Personal and Advertising Injury; Medical Payments; and Products/Completed Operations. Ask how getting a Business Owners Package for one comprehensive policy can save you even more time and money.

  • You also still need standard Business Property Coverage to protect you against physical damage to buildings, contents, stock, and equipment, as well as Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage to protect against lost profits as a result of direct damage to your scheduled premises (typically for a 12-month period for business income for the actual loss sustained).

  • SPECIAL COVERAGE: Our Professional Groomers Liability Coverage makes PetBizInsurance.com different. You and your employees can be protected from claims brought against your business for the rendering or failure to render your professional services in the course of your operation - leading to injury to pets. In other words, you finally have a way to cover what makes your business your business - the pets and what happens when they are in your care.

  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: The most extreme situations require the most specific and customized types of coverage for the death of or loss of pets. Customers Pets "Animal Bailee" Coverage will pay for the direct loss of animals that a client leaves in your care. It even covers perils for which you are not legally liable.

  • SPECIAL COVERAGE: PetBizInsurance.com can cover that independent contractor that is excluded from every business policy.

Get the coverage that's made for your business instead of the coverage other insurers sell for generic, catch-all purposes. Let PetBizInsurance.com help protect you and your business with Groomer Liability Coverage.

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