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Kennel Insurance

Take the Time to Paws and Reflect On Whether You are Truly Protected

A lot of animals in one place at one time is a lot of responsibility. Complexity abounds, with many breeds of different types of animals, varying behaviors and degrees of training and special issues.

Insurance for kennels requires as much special knowledge, attention to complications, and outside-the-norm expertise as managing a kennel itself. Unlike most insurers - and all standard commercial insurers - PetBizInsurance.com recognizes your special needs and has created a Kennel Package just for you.

Fire fuels litigation inspiration.

One evening, just like every other evening. A cacophony of barks is the first clue that this is a business like no other. A spark unseen by human or animal eyes changes everything, for now and forever. Though caused by a fault in original wiring from many years before your kennel occupied this space, this distinction won't matter. To the animals hurt or killed. Or to the damage or death of your business once the lawsuits follow.

Are you covered? Are you SURE?

You don't need an event as extreme or as tragic as that described above to need better protection, the kind of protection you can only get from a policy designed specifically for kennel owners and operators. It is as simple as this: If you are responsible for a kennel, then you need a Kennel Package from PetBizInsurance.com.

We created pet business insurances like our Kennel Package because National Dog Groomers Association of America members were having problems with regular insurance companies covering any claim that involved damage or loss of an animal. Because most policies exclude the animal and because most insurance companies do not understand the nature of your business, you need a specialist who cares about pet businesses.

  • The most basic, fundamental aspect of your coverage would relate to the building itself, as well as the personal property related to it. This would be a Commercial Package and General Liability Insurance Coverage, policies expressly created for pet services professionals. If you own the building in which your kennel operates, you need to insure that building. If you do not, then you need to insure in order to compensate for damaged or destroyed property. Our Kennel Package would then pay to repair or replace the building, including equipment, stock, and other related contents.

  • With the loss or extensive damage to your place of business, you are effectively out of business. Even if just a short amount of time, that period can be devastating to any small, independent business. If protracted, it can become crippling. A Kennel Package recognizes the need to cover business income and extra expenses, based on actual loss of earning for up to a full year from the incident.

  • Other basics include Business Liability (to protect your business against claims for injuries to your customers and others that arise from your products or operations); Workers Compensation; and Money and Securities.

  • SPECIAL COVERAGE: Customers' Pet coverage does what an ordinary business insurance policy will not. Our Professional Kennel Liability Coverage protects you and your employees from claims brought against your business for the rendering or failure to render your professional services in the course of your operation - leading to injuries to pets. That way, PetBizInsurance.com gives you a way to cover what makes a kennel a unique category of business, taking care of the pets and what happens when they are in your care.

  • UNIQUE COVERAGE: The most extreme situations require the most specific and customized types of coverage. Of course, that is the death or the loss of pets. Customers Pets "Animal Bailee" Coverage will pay for the direct loss of animals that a client leaves in your care. It even covers perils for which you are not legally liable.

Get the coverage that's made for your business instead of the coverage other insurers sell for generic, catch-all purposes. Let PetBizInsurance.com help protect you and your business with Kennel Liability Coverage.

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